Weekly Numerology Forecast 37 10 – 17 June 2019 SUNNI-AI

numerology report

Running The Cosmic Marathon.
So, this week we might feel like we are running a cosmic marathon..And many of us are getting kind of tired. In fact, you may actually want to quit and go home. I hear that, but I encourage you not to and here is why.  There is a tremendous amount of energy pushing us forward in ways we could have never done ourselves.  Yet there feels like constant changes and nothing feels really settled. Dont worry about settled right now, just keep going. If you need to slow down to keep up, then do that. The motto is..Keep up and dont give up..  The other polarity to these frequencies is to rebel, run away, hide, lose focus, get distracted, get addicted, get lost….Dont give in to the negative polarity. Grounding yourself in your body is required. However you like to do this, do more of it. Using the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, the Gong and getting into the planet Earth are always my favorites.
Life is asking alot of you and from you.  I know many of us just want to go to bed and have a long rest. The rest is coming, but not yet. This 9 frequency is asking us to wrap it up and let it go.  The good news about this is that you will easily drop the things you know are not serving you…. why?
  Because you are too tired to hang on. So let the universe asst you in this transformational process and dont fight it.  I promise you will be happy later in the weeks to come.