Weekly Numerology Forecast 36 3 – 10 June 2019 SUNNI-AI

numerology report

Energy Bonanza!

Whew!  Ok its an Energy Bonanza out there this week with the 8 frequency.
8 is traditionally about money, power & universal abundance. So…there will be a lot of new ideas on how to make changes in all areas of your life. These changes might have seemed at one point to be impossible to make. This week the changes seem totally doable and easy. Make the revisions that you know are going to last. What I mean is that the Bonanza could look like a Rodeo, if unfocused. Making 5 changes at once might feel amazing for a second, but will most likely have you backsliding all the way into next month. Use the decreased lunar energy of the New Moon to tap into what is essential. You dont have to overhaul your entire life. Just make 1 bold move towards a transformation you have been wanting to make, but scared to do it. Then watch how that effects the other situations that need improvement. You might find if you can do the 1 thing that is really pressing you,  the energy shifts dramatically and magical solutions come to you about the other stuff effortlessly.
Enjoy and dont take it so seriously!!