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Numerological Daily Prediction for 28.10.2018
Birth Number 1
You may enjoy good health. You may enjoy evening with your family. You may be benefited with land and property related works. Don't loose your temper in anysituation, otherwise you may be in trouble.

Birth Number 2
Don't finalise any big deals, because chances of loosing are there. You may be cheated,
don't sign any paper without going through it. You may found to be suffering from
over-strain of work. Don't leave any work incomplete.

Birth Number 3
Your relations with seniors/boss/employer improved & this may be benefited in future. Students are advised to take interest in their studies. Your source of income may increase and you may become more self-dependent. If unmarried, you may get an appreciable spouse.

Birth Number 4
Be cautious what you say else you may face some trouble. Take care of your health first and then go for wealth. Don't do any work in hurry without analysing the pros and cons of the fact. This is not a favourable situation; you may have to earn money by hard work.

Birth Number 5
You may get success in competitive exams. If you are in service then you may be promoted or transferred. You may get fame and reputation from the society. You may achieve your goal for which you are crazy for a long time.

Birth Number 6
You may not be properly awarded according to your work. You may get success through hard work. You may have some new friends in your work area. You have to judge what is right and what is wrong in all your financial matters.

Birth Number 7
You may take interest in domestic matters. Utilise your power and resources in proper direction and get good results. You may get success in new deals and business. An auspicious function may be performed.

Birth Number 8
If any of your court matter is unsolved then you may get victory and your enemies may be defeated. Persons involved in Government organisation may get promotion. You may achieve desired fulfilment in your married life.

Birth Number 9
You must take care of your health. You may be magnetic, inviting and very attractive to opposite sex. Students may have inclination towards study. You may be good and successful in Import and export.