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For personal readings contact me at:
1 question reading (15-20 mins) – 25 USD
2 questions readingdetailed relationship or job analysis (30-35 mins) – 44 USD
Near future forecast (1 to 3 months’ time) (about 25 mins) – 33 USD
Love life reading month by month for the next 6 months – 55 USD
12 houses spread – a detailed analysis of a long period of time (up to 2 years) (45 -50 mins) – 77 USD
Emergency readings are available – extra fee of 25 USD to the chosen reading type.

I provide prerecorded readings. Please send me an email with your questionsituation first and wait for a confirmation from me before making any payments. Please include your name, birthday and any additional info you feel important to the reading. Once I have completed your video reading I will send the link to your email. Thank you!

* I accept payment via Paypal or Paysend. Refund is possible only if I am not able to do your reading.

**The decks I use:
Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:
Classic Rider-Wait Tarot:
The Black Cat Tarot:
The White Cat Tarot:

Learn Tarot Yourself:

My videos are made with the help of samsung a5 2017:

***For entertainment purposes only.