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ǁ Channel Purpose ǁ
This Channel is created for the purpose of creating awareness and to teach about Vedic Astrology by Astrologer Saleem Sami. He is Practicing Vedic Astrology since last 20 years

ǁ About Me ǁ
I started my career late in 1990. In the start I used to go to many palmists, astrologist and different fake kind of people from which I get very bad results. Those kinds of fake people making money by fooling innocent people. I was also one of those fooled innocent person who have been fooled by many fake and tricky guys. That time I personally decided to start learn Astrology, because I don’t want that think to make fooling people without proper knowledge. That time I decided that one day comes when I will able to guide people from the core of my heart with proper guidelines. With the passage of time my interest in Astrology increased day by day and I learn to understand the real science, calculations and all facts related to Astrology. That time for two years frequently I invested my time to make my understanding in relation to Astrology. Furthermore I visited many places like India, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Iran and different parts of Europe and World, Just for the sake of my interest and Learning’s about Astrology. I traveled a lot and meet the Guru’s of Astrology from different parts of world just to make myself clear about the concept of Astrology. I read many books related to this topic from different renounced authors.

ǁ My Mission ǁ

My Mission Statement is to give direction to your life. I can give you the reasons of your down fall, depression, problems. I professionally and mainly deal in issues related to Marriages and health issues, and all that issue which you can’t discuss with others. I will tell you causes of your tensions and depressions and ways to eliminate them from your life to live a successful and healthy life.

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