Crystal Numerology Forecast June 2019 with Elizabeth Harper

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Which crystals will help you navigate this month's numerological influences?

I'm here with this month's crystal astro-numerology forecast for the month of June! Of course, we have a lot of energies to work with, so we're just going to pick little pieces from everything (like we're at a buffet!). We're going to work with astrology, color, numerology, crystals, and anything else that wants to come in.  
Numerologically, June is the 6th month of the year, and when you add 12 to it, for the year, you get 18. 18 in the tarot is The Moon, so we're going to be working with lunar energy this month. With the 18 energy this month, it feels like a balance of the light and the dark. This is a month where we're going to extremes – there could be a lot of negativity, but there could also be an enormous amount of positive energy as well. This month, you are shining a light on what you most want + what you want to let go of. 🌝Tune in to discuss the rest of the influences headed our way this month! 
We will be using 3 crystals in this reading. I invite you to use your intuition to find which crystal has a personal message for you: CRYSTAL 1, 2, or 3. All of the crystals have a message for everyone, but there might be a specific message that is for you from one of these crystals. You can also intuit if there's something form the astrology, numerology, or from the tarot cards that is specifically for you. See where your intuition takes you! 
What I'd also love for you to do is just get a sense of if you're working with the energy of black or with the energy of white. Which one are you working with? 💎 
💎 If you picked 1 – 6:20
💎If you picked 2 – 9:21
💎 If you picked 3 – 11:30

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LOVE + Blessings
elizabeth XOXO